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The Schnitzelbunker journey

Serving the finest in German Street Food throughout Wisconsin.

"When I was first asked to serve 150 Schnitzelbuns with my mother's secret recipe to a Wisconsin summer camp, I felt honored and slightly pressured, as it would have to be just as great as I remember it from my childhood.

Whenever I would get a little homesick, I would make myself a little batch of Berlin Style Ketchup,  dip my food in it, close my eyes and smile like a child.

When I saw our customers experiencing the same happiness,

it was clear that Wisconsin needs some more Schnitzelbunker in their life."

- Founder & son of Bozena , Mathew Myga -


No seed oils, for a healthier and happier community!

With experience in sports and coaching, the team is committed to serving affordable, delicious meals.

Their use of local, quality ingredients, such as grass-fed beef tallow and lard, highlights their dedication.

Unlike dishes cooked in vegetable oils, which can lead to inflammation, Schnitzelbunker's offerings prioritize flavor and health.

Join them in choosing a healthier option.

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